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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Newport, OR cove

With summer here, there’s no time like now to head over to the Oregon coast and cool off. There’s nothing like getting away to the Oregon coast. It’s such a fun and picturesque place to be. The rocky outcrops and cliffs, like the ones you see in the Goonies, are reminders of how unique the Pacific Northwest coastline is.

One of our favorite go-to places is Newport, Oregon, not only for its great offerings like pristine beaches, shopping, and creature comforts, but also because it was so close to where we lived. Before we had our travel trailer, we would go over to the coast and stay at various places like the infamous Sylvia Beach Hotel and the Inn at Otter Crest, both great places people should check out if ever in the area. If you are bringing over an RV, then Beverly Beach State Park is by far the best campground around. We try to hit up the Newport Aquarium whenever we’re there and eat at all our favorite haunts.

Depoe Bay is the other place we hang out at a lot and with it being only 10 or so miles away, it’s easy to hop over to and enjoy this tiny, cozy town.

Here’s a guide to some of our favorite things about Newport and Depoe Bay

Places to Stay in Newport,OR & Depoe Bay,OR:

1. Inn at Otter Crest: This place has such a unique location, perched on a cliff. They have a massive dining hall, beautiful rooms overlooking the ocean, and pristine access to some of the best tide pools around.

2. Sylvia Beach Hotel:

If you love themed rooms, including Harry Potter rooms, then this is the place for you. The atmosphere is amazing, the décor is impeccable, and they have a great dining option.

3. Hallmark Resort:

This place is on a great strip of beach and beach access. The rooms are cozy, the place is ideally located, and they have the amazing Georgie’s restaurant attached to it for easy dining.

4. Harbor Lights Inn:

This place is a hidden gem, nestled in the smallest harbor that is Depoe Bay. The place has an amazing view, great ambience, and delicious food. The breakfast is included, and they have lots of snacks and coffee throughout the day. You feel taken care of more than any other hotel I’ve ever been to.

5. Beverly Beach State Park:

For those in an RV or tent camping, this is our hands down favorite place. The area is surrounded by old growth trees and all sites are surrounded by nature. The place is a gem. They are water and electric sites with a dump site at the entrance. They have very nice shower facilities and the price is affordable at $35/night. Reserve ahead of time because this place is nearly always full.

T.A.R.D.I.S. at Beverly Beach Campground

6. South Beach State Park: If Beverly Beach is full, not a problem. Make reservations for this park, which is a great one as well. It’s more open and exposed, but clean, has showers, and is close to the aquarium.

Places to Eat:

1. Tidal Raves:

This is our favorite place in both Newport and Depoe Bay. It’s located in Depoe Bay and overlooks the water. All seats have the perfect view of the cove. The food is incredible, and they offer lots of gluten free options. Our favorite dish to get is the Cioppino. The broth is delicious, and it’s loaded with fresh ocean fare.

2. Bay Walk Café:

This place is great for those with an allergy. They have gluten free menu, which includes the big favorite, Fish and Chips! If you haven’t been able to have this in ages, then this is the place to get it. They have a dedicated fryer for the Fish and Chips, so this should set your mind at ease. They also have a decent gluten free clam chowder.

3. Zach’s Bistro:

This place is superb. It was the first place I ever had a Yak burger! With a gluten free bun, I might add. They have great gluten free options, but more importantly have delicious food.

4. Local Ocean Seafood:

The food is delicious because it’s so fresh. They are part fish market, part high end food. They sell items like fish tacos and po-boys. The food is good, the gluten free options are limited though.

5. Chalet:

This place is phenomenal. They are the best breakfast place around and they offer lunch and dinner items as well. They have the most extensive gluten free breakfast and dessert options I’ve ever seen. You can have gluten free pancakes and biscuits with your breakfast, while your non allergy family or friends can indulge in Dungeness crab benedict!

6. Georgie's:

This place is a go to. The food is delicious and it's convenient if you're staying at the hallmark.

7. Nye Beach Cafe:

This is by far the best clam chowder in the country. They have lots of gluten free options and their food is always so good.

Places to Go:

1. Oregon Coast Aquarium:

This is by far the best place to visit on the coast. It’s a ton of fun, well taken care of, and exciting for all ages. It’s always expanding and upgrading.

2. Nye Beach: This place is fun for all, with shops, ice cream, and coffee. There are places to eat if you’re hungry, and there’s one of the most popular beach access spots here. You can spend all day walking around, eating, playing on the beach, and eating some more.

3. Yaquina Bay & Head Lighthouse: This BLM site is tons of fun. The views from the lighthouse are amazing. The huge rocks near the cliffs house thousands and thousands of birds. The visitor center is amazing, discussing the daily lives of past lighthouse keepers, the perils of steering a ship around the pacific northwest, and the techniques and technologies that made better lighthouses. There is also an incredible tide pool access location that you can spend all day enjoying. It can be extremely crowded so choose your times wisely. The cost to get in is around $7, but FREE if you have an America The Beautiful Pass. One more reason to own this amazing pass.

4. Beverly Beach and Agate Beach: Both beaches are next to each other and offer beautiful scenery and views of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. If you’re staying at the Beverly Beach campground, you can walk right under the freeway onto the beach. If you are not staying, they have a day use area to park. Agate Beach is harder to find. You can only access it coming south on US 101, and it’s after Beverly, but before Yaquina Bay.

5. Historic Bayfront: This place is great to watch the seals and shop, shop, shop. Plus there are a few good places to eat.

6. Devil’s Punch Bowl: This one is fun to come to both at low tide and high tide. The shops around here are fun, with ice cream to boot. There is also a Mo’s Chowder if you’re hungry.

Devil's Punch Bowl at High Tide

Depoe Bay:

This is whale watching central. There is a whale watching center with provided binoculars, or you can sit outside along the cliff’s edge and use your own. This activity can take up the day, but luckily behind you is a long strip of great shops and places to eat.

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