Coburg Pizza Company - The Best Pizza We Almost Missed

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Coburg Pizza Company

Traveling is beneficial for a number of reasons, one of them being a way to discover new and exciting things. For example, our travel map below shows the places we meandered around this past year, discovering all kinds of delicious places to eat, whether it be Boudin in the Acadiana region of Louisiana, Indian fry bread of the reservations, or the BBQ of Texas.

The second thing traveling does is make you appreciate what's in your own backyard. When we were practicing our RVing, we camped at a park near Coburg, and decided to try out this little pizza company people were raving about. We were so impressed I had to write about it. After criss crossing the country, we came back and have verified that it is by far our favorite pizza in the country (that we've explored).

N2P Travel Map

For pizza, we are both huge fans of it. Who isn’t right? We ate pizza around the country and our favorite pizza is, and remains, Coburg Pizza Company. There it is. The End! Ok, there is more to it. Due to me needing to have a gluten free crust, my pizza locations are limited. Due to this constraint, I only eat at places that offer a gluten free crust. For those that offer a gluten free crust, there are factors I consider into what makes a good crust. Firstly, a crust must be able to stand up to you picking it up. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve picked up a pizza crust and it sags down, meaning I must hold it with two hands carefully to get it into my mouth. Come on, people, would you serve that to your other customers? I didn’t think so. Treat us like you would any other customer and we will be loyal as shit. Trust me. Secondly, the crust needs to have some texture and flavor, not be gooey or cracker like. A good balance is key.

Ok, texture aside, the toppings and taste are of the utmost importance when it comes to pizza. Here is where Coburg Pizza Company sets itself above and beyond anyone else in the business.


Tangy, spicy, or balanced and flavorful. There is no other sauce that compares to this one. The sauce alone makes the pizza itself.


They use real cheese, not pre-made boxed cheese. Stop using bad cheese people, it’s damn obvious.


Home-made meats! Need I say more. Exactly. It’s that simple. The hand-crafted care is obvious and the meats shine in flavor.

Topping Combinations:

The same combinations are boring, and this place does not disappoint. They up the game on topping combinations. Pizza options like Shawarma, pulled pork, and three types of pepperoni are beautiful (The three sisters are one of my favorites).

In conclusion, I had to write about such an amazing place that we looked forward to coming back to town for. We've learned a lot about where our favorite places are and surprisingly, many of those places ended up being back home in Oregon. Perhaps it’s nostalgia, or merely where our palette was developed.

Since coming back we’ve already eaten here three times. If you ever pass through Coburg, you must eat here. If you live in this state or ever pass through this state, make the trip. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be transformed.

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