Bryce Canyon National Park

Our trip to Bryce Canyon in November was incredible. The National Park is nearly as picturesque as Zion. The hoodoos are stunning. They look like an army of carved chess pieces in a giant bowl.

I'm not doing a guide for Bryce Canyon yet because we did all of it in one day. There are a lot of hikes available, which take you down into the hoodoos or around the rims of the bowls. As we were staying near Zion National Park, there was only enough time to visit the various sites. We did a few short hikes around the rim for better shots, but none into the heart of the rock statues known as hoodoos.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a short hour trip from Zion National Park if you are staying at, or near, the park and have access to the Mount Carmel Pass Highway. This highway pass allows you to see Bryce at the same time you are visiting Zion. We left early and spent the day driving through the Bryce Canyon National Park. You know you’re in Bryce when a few hoodoos appear right at the entrance sign. There appeared to be a lot of camping options with nice bike paths going all over the park. It was November so there appeared to be no one camping at the time. I imagine that the campgrounds are closed in the late fall and winter as the area is prone to getting snow.

The main stop after the visitor center is like being at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. It’s the main stop, the main viewpoint, and if you see this one spot, you’re set. This massive crater full of hoodoos is the place where most of the pictures are from. It’s so complex and detailed that I must have taken 100 photos of these hoodoos. Further down the road we saw pockets of hoodoos, a disintegrating hoodoo bridge, and other formations we’ve never seen before. The elevation is extremely high, reaching 8,300 feet, so it was windy and ice cold, but the scenery was stunning. Some of the viewpoints were terrifying, putting you out some intense ledges with large hundred-foot drop-offs on both sides. Luckily, there were fences. Regardless, my stomach was turning, but I pushed through to get some nice shots.

Most people visiting were doing what we were doing, driving through the park, stopping at all the turnouts and taking pictures. This park is perfectly setup for just that. You can view the park at your own pace and even see it all in one day. Here are some more pictures of the various sites we saw at Bryce.

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