Anderson Hitch & Levelers Review

When it comes to choosing a hitch, there are a lot of options. Many people mention the Hensley Hitch as the go-to for complete removal of sway. This may be the case for some, but for the rest of us that have smaller trailers, the Hensley is overkill and expensive. We have a 21 foot trailer and just need to distribute the weight and reduce the sway. In our travels, I see lots of people towing smaller trailers and all the large ones being 5th wheels. Those towing smaller, like us, need something reliable and well made. The Anderson Hitch was the product for us.

We liked that you could set the tightness and just pull the pin for ease of unhook if your weight is low. For us, living full time in the RV, we’re a bit heavier, needing some extra tightening.

Testing & Warranty:

We drove around the country, from Oregon to Florida and all places in between, totaling around 15,000 miles on our first testing of the Anderson Hitch. The initial design of the housing had some of the material pushed out about a ½ “ from the housing. This was from the friction of the anti-sway action on the material. The material was meant to spread. I contacted Anderson and asked for a new friction piece and they sent me a complete new housing as they had upgraded it to remove the issue of it lifting (pictured above). They already offered a lifetime warranty, but here they were amazing in giving us a brand new hitch that we drove 15,000 miles on. The new housing looks and works even better. I see no way for the material to lift up. The quality is excellent. Not to mention their warranty is amazing.


Anderson Levelers

When we were looking at how to level the trailer, the helpful crew at RV Outpost mentioned these to go with our Anderson Hitch. The Anderson Levelers have been amazing. On our travels, we see people utilizing all kinds of options to level their RV, from pieces of wood, Camco blocks, and particle board. We have the Camco blocks to put underneath our stabilizer jacks only, but I can’t imagine how much of a pain it must be to try to determine the exact block placement and height to make yourself level. I’ve watched people drive up on them, drive back off, adjust, and do it again.

Enter the overly easy option of the Anderson Levelers. You simply put them in front of each tire on one side of the RV and drive up on them until level. The more you drive forward the higher one side rises and the higher you go. You then place the other piece underneath it to lock in place. Simple. Nothing has been so simple and worked so consistently. We’ve tested them in all kinds of conditions, from sand, to gravel, dirt, and grass. It’s handled all situations with ease and saved us time in the leveling process.


You can’t go wrong with the Anderson products. The prices are great for the quality and functionality they offer. Leveling on the first time and towing with ease are a top priority for us and we are happy with our choices in going with Anderson. So much so that I had to write about it. You can read more about Anderson products here.

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