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Jason Fair & Kristen Baker Grand Canyon.

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Having both grown up in Oregon, we have an appreciation for its lush greenery and mountains, but were interested in seeing other parts of the country.  More than 10 years ago, we were planning to travel the country when family obligations encouraged us to stay here.  

In the fall of 2017, with few obligations keeping us in Oregon, it was time to reinstate our previous plans of travel. We bought an RV, installed enough solar to be off grid, and began our journey.

Jason Fair M.A.,M.S.

Nerd 1

I'm a huge nerd and proud of it. I love gaming, all things technology, photography, reading, and traveling.  Being on the road, traveling, has opened my eyes to the beauty that is right here in our own backyard.  I find myself trying to photograph everything as if it's on the verge of disappearing.  I've enjoyed our travels and hope to be able to convey the joy it's brought me to others so that they can go out and explore their own backyards.

Kristen Baker RN,CEN

Nerd 2

The Nomadic Nerd Project begins and ends with Kristen.  She has been a nomad since she was little, writing about wanting to travel the country when she grew up.  Having traveled every summer as a kid, she continued that theme as an adult, traveling the country as a nurse.  She settled down in Eugene for some time, but the itch to roam was still there.  After 30 years of nursing, her desire to work less and travel more has never been bigger.  She’s worked her whole life and wants to see more of the world, starting with her own country. 

Kristen’s desire to roam created the nomadic nerd project.  She wanted to be able to do all the things she loved while traveling, so created the solar array design and battery bank necessary to maintain her lifestyle while traveling for less.  With her pushing Nerd 1 outside of his comfort zone, she’s created a lifestyle that is more exciting and fun than either of them imagined.

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