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We're the Nomadic Nerd Project. We realize life is too short, so we're embarking on an epic journey to live full time in an RV. The plan is to work less and travel more. As lovers of gaming, entertainment, travel, food, and the outdoors, we try to determine how we can enjoy all of these things on the road. We analyze what works, what doesn't, and share it with you along the way. Join us in this grand project! 


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At the Nomadic Nerd Project, we bring content that interests and inspires us and the community. Traveling for us is holistic and encompasses all facets of the experience, good and bad.


We want to learn about the people in each region, meet the vast community of new full time RVers, the food that inspires people and the ways in which people deal with the emotions, rewards, and hardships of living on the road.


We hope you will be able to join us as well as provide your input, ideas, and knowledge throughout our adventures to help make this project beneficial to everyone. 



Traveling is all about the journey.  Many of the topics explored are areas traveled to or guides on those areas.  Other topics include solar, gaming, RV tips and tricks, how to topics, and analysis of what works and doesn't. 

We are fans of food from around the globe and are excited to experience the unique eats in each state. Although we enjoy restaurants, we love cooking just as much. With the need to deal with a gluten allergy, this is often the safest route to take. Blog posts on this topic explore gluten free options from restaurants and at home.  We also plan to provide cooking videos and recipes for others to enjoy!

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Ideas, Comments, and Thoughts are always Welcome!